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First report on wildlife and railway problem in Sweden (only in Swedish with English summary): Ungulate-train collisions in Sweden – review, GIS-analyses and train driver experiences):
Seiler, A., Olsson, M., Helldin,  J. O. and Norin, H. (2011). Klövviltolyckor på järnväg – kunskapsläge, problemanalys och åtgärdsförslag., Trafikverket Publikation 2011:058.

Pilot-report from 2015 with background to and initial plans for the study on wildlife safer railroads:

Rail Ecology Book chapter presenting the plan for the wildlife warning test study in Sweden (first test station will be built in 2022):
Seiler A, Olsson M (2017) Wildlife Deterrent Methods for Railways—An Experimental Study. In: Borda-de-Água L, Barrientos R, Beja P, Pereira HM (eds) Railway Ecology. Springer International Publishing, Cham, pp 277-291. 

Wildlife-train accident hotspots in Sweden. MSc-thesis.:
Willebrand, S. (2017). Identifying hotspots of wildlife collisions on the Swedish railroad. Master thesis at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Dept. of Ecology. Uppsala, Sweden. 

Presentation at IENE 2016 conference workshop about wildlife and rail problems

Presentation at IENE 2018 conference about the camera study with train drivers

Wildlife-train collision video compilation from train driver camera study 2018: (warning for disturbing images):

Denice Lodnert, MSc thesis in 2021 – Moose-sound experiments in Sweden: Evaluating the behavioural response of moose (Alces alces)to acoustic stimuli. Supervisor Manisha Bhardwaj, Andreas Seiler at SLU, and Mattias Olsson at Enviroplanning AB

Petter Almås, MSc thesis in 2021 – Moose-sound experiments in Norway. Use of sound stimuli to elicit a change in moose and red deer behaviour. Supervisor Ronny Steen at NMBU and  Karen Marie Mathisen at  Inland Norway University

Carolin Berndt, MSc Thesis in 2021 – Fallow deer in fields: Behavioural Responses of Ungulates to sounds systems – can simulated risk influence behaviour? Supervisor: Yoris Cromsigt, Tim Hofmeester, Anna Widén, at SLU

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